Proven Results

When diabetes is effectively controlled, the costs associated with its complications are reduced for employers and members alike. Your plan members with diabetes will experience better health and lower out-of-pocket costs while the company is saving—a win/win for everyone involved!

  • Impact


    TLC helps members improve health and begin lowering costs in the first year. With the personal support, motivational coaching, MobileHealth tools, meal planning aids and more, our members start better controlling their diabetes. This leads to a reduction in Emergency visits for this population.

  • Impact


    The reduction in Emergency visits continues with our high engagement rates and sustained participation, and this reduces hospital admissions (one of every three ER visits with diabetes is admitted). The improvement is such that up to 25% or more of inpatient days are avoided. Since the TLC package does not require an investment or new costs, these savings go direct to our clients.

  • No Additional Costs

    The TLC evidence-based best practices package is paid for by a re-direction of costs you currently spend today. Let us show you how!

  • Member Incentives

    TLC gets members engaged by offering immediate savings via no co-pays for their necessary testing supplies, plus easy-to-use MobileHealth equipment and free menus, recipes, education and more.

  • Improved Quality of Life

    With diabetes, a lifelong and progressive disease, an individual’s personal behavior choices…eating right, being physically active and monitoring blood glucose…can be more effective than today’s costly drugs to help avoid the many complications and expensive “health events” that develop over time. Effective self-care and management is challenging, and it is rarely achieved and sustained when a person is left to do it on their own.

    The TrueLifeCare program was developed to help people with diabetes confront and overcome the obstacles they encounter each day. TLC privately supports each person on an individual basis to help them improve the quality of their life.