About Us

Launched in 2012, the TLC Founders and Board of Advisors recognized the operating problem facing employers with ever-escalating health care costs. As business owners, all had experienced these issues first hand. Their collective experience enabled them to recognize the impact of diabetes on the employer’s health care costs.

Diabetes is the most significant and persistent challenge facing employers with regard to health care costs today.
It is now the number one health condition for spending in employer health plans.

And it is a condition where there is opportunity to reduce costs. Improved health with fewer adverse health episodes for people with diabetes is very possible but not well supported in today’s health care delivery system.

TrueLifeCare understands diabetes and exists to make a meaningful, positive difference to benefit people living with this incurable and progressive disease. What we do benefits both the employee and the employer with lower costs and better productivity.

The productive TLC solution centers around 5 Essential Touchstones. TrueLifeCare delivers our program without adding new costs and with high participation, member satisfaction, and meaningful financial results!