The Impact of Diabetes.

Diabetes is the number one opportunity in a health plan to help people stabilize and improve their health and well-being

What we see in health plans:

  • About 10%, and sometimes more, of employees and covered spouses have diabetes.
  • Over 75% of those with diabetes are age 45-plus.
  • The 10% with diabetes can account for about 25% or more of the medical claims.
  • The majority of the higher medical claims are from Emergency and Hospital utilization.
  • American Diabetes Association research1 documents that people with diabetes experience two additional days of absenteeism and more than 12 days of lost productivity each year.
  • People with diabetes working with a TLC Certified Coach improve their health and well-being, with lower health care costs.

1 Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2017 (

All people with diabetes want to feel good and enjoy life. Like everyone else they have jobs, children, spouses/significant others and home finances to manage and balance. They must also live daily with diabetes, and that is challenging.

Studies have demonstrated:

  • Lecturing is counter productive
  • Self-managing diabetes alone is nearly impossible
  • Having a knowledgeable partner and confidante is a proven plus

Adopting and staying with a new personal behavior is tough for anyone. That’s why TLC creates a personal relationship for our Members with one of our professional Registered Nurse Certified Health Coaches. Every TLC Coach is trained and certified by the National Society of Health Coaches of America to genuinely understand, educate, and encourage…key cornerstones of our program.

“You cannot solve a lifestyle disease with drugs. You can only solve it with lifestyle.”

— Chrystyne Olivieri, DNP, FNP-BC, CDE; Clinical Advisor