Members FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions are updated often based on your input. It’s likely that the answer you’re looking for is here. If not, please contact us with your question.

Do I keep my current physician?

Absolutely! The TrueLifeCare program is here to support your treating physician’s plan of care, and to help you achieve better health and well-being. TrueLifeCare does not take the place of doctor or health clinic visits.

Will the employer have access to my information?

No. All calls as well as blood glucose and other results, whether shared electronically or verbally, will never be shared with anyone outside of your personal coach and TrueLifeCare, unless specifically requested and authorized by you.

How often are supplies delivered?

TrueLifeCare ships a 90-day supply of test supplies. Replenishments are as needed, usually about every 90 days. Shipments are created as a result of conversations between you and your RN Health Coach. There are no minimums and no automatic shipments.

When/how often does the TrueLifeCare RN Health Coach contact their Members?

Calls can be as often as you wish, and at least one per month is required to remain eligible for the TrueLifeCare benefit. Members usually like to reorder their testing supplies during these calls but can also contact the RN Health Coach toll-free line at any time to request more supplies. During each conversation, the next contact will be scheduled. Reminders for upcoming calls are sent by email or text. When enrolling in TrueLifeCare, Members share with their personal RN Coach a preferred contact day and time, typically between 10 AM and 8 PM local time.

What if the RN Health Coach can’t reach me at the scheduled time?

Your RN Health Coach will leave a message, which you can respond to. Your Coach continues to attempt to contact you by phone (and email or text) until contact is made. TrueLifeCare will discontinue contact attempts if requested.

Does TrueLifeCare provide Spanish-speaking services?

Yes. Spanish speaking Health Coaches are available on request. Our education library is also available in Spanish.

Can I receive prescriptions through TrueLifeCare?

No. TrueLifeCare is not a pharmacy. We provide the supplies needed for checking your blood sugar and blood pressure, and if you are hypertensive. Plus, TrueLifeCare provides meal planning, recipes and education materials through our coaching services.

What if I change to a different health insurance plan?

TrueLifeCare contracts direct with employers for the health benefit of their employees and covered dependents living with diabetes. You would have continued access only if you new health plan is contracted with TrueLifeCare.

Why should I work with an RN Health Coach instead of managing diabetes on my own?

Did teachers make a difference in your classrooms? Did coaches make a difference in sports activities you participated in? The same principle applies with TrueLifeCare: Your dedicated RN Health Coach is a friend with the skills and compassion to support you and in your journey through life with diabetes. And this works. TrueLifeCare Members rate us highly and regularly express their appreciation for the care, concern, and support they receive.