For Benefits Professionals

Proven to Reduce Costs.

Learn how TrueLifeCare helps employees living with diabetes take better care of themselves and improve productivity.

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For Our Members

Feel Better. Live Better.

Learn how TrueLifeCare makes living with diabetes easier and reduces diabetes related health events in your life.

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High Marks. Healthy Results.

Find out why TrueLifeCare ranks so high in customer satisfaction while keeping employees healthy and on track.

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TrueLifeCare improves health and dramatically reduces medical costs for employees with diabetes.

  • 45 %

    Fewer ER visits by participants
    in 2nd year

  • 56 %

    Reduction of inpatient days
    in 3rd year

  • $ 750 Thousand Plus

    Inpatient savings per 1,000 employees @ 3 years

How does TrueLifeCare improve health & reduce costs?

TrueLifeCare gives people with diabetes the individual help and support they need to regain and maintain control of their health and life. Every participant receives:

  • Incentives

  • One-to-One

  • Customized

  • Meal Plans and

  • Secure Mobile
    Health Account

What does TLC have that others do not?

TrueLifeCare is the proven, evidence-based package that helps people with diabetes achieve better health outcomes. What sets us apart is the level of engagement with our members and that we deliver our program by redirecting current spending – meaning no new investment.

TLC provides a one-on-one mentoring relationship, where members have meaningful incentives to participate and stay engaged. This helps our members to be vigilant and self-compliant, resulting in a more productive workforce while lowering health care costs for members & employers.

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