People Improving Diabetes Health and Lowering Costs.

People Improving Diabetes Health and Lowering Costs.

TrueLifeCare meets people with diabetes where they are. Of course, we provide meaningful, no cost incentives for members, such as up-to-date equipment including a glucometer, blood pressure meter, a HIPAA secure health app and easy-to-understand meal guides, activity encouragements and more. The key difference in success is that TrueLifeCare delivers one-to-one ongoing personal support through a personal TrueLifeCare Evidence-Based Health Coach. Through years of research and development, TrueLifeCare has done this cost effectively and proven this delivers better health and healthcare cost savings.

Proven Results

  • Impact
    Year One

    TrueLifeCare Members begin working with their Nurse Coach. Evidence of health improvement is exhibited in medical claims.

  • Impact
    Year Two+

    Sustained Member engagement leads to fewer hospital admissions, and a shorter hospital stay when one does occur, with measurable savings.

  • No New

    TrueLifeCare’s evidence-based program is paid for by a re-direction of a current cost a health plan already incurs. Analytical reporting provides proof of our value.

  • Member

    Members immediately save with no co-pays for their necessary test supplies and free equipment including glucometers, secure health app, and bp meter, plus meal guides and more.

It’s easy to start the conversation.

Living a happy, healthier life is possible with successful control of diabetes. Controlling diabetes is a day-to-day perpetual activity that is achievable, especially with incentives and the support of a one-to-one coach. The personal relationship between a TrueLifeCare personal Nurse coach and each member provides the motivation and support to stay on track.


TLC supports the evidence-based principles for diabetes self-management. This is what the primary care provider desires. Educational tips, videos, meal plans, recipes, cookbooks and more help empower and sustain active learning for TrueLifeCare program members. A new day for health and wellness is here!

Numbers tell the story.

Obtaining and using the key vital readings is essential for the person with diabetes. The only way a person with diabetes can know their current glucose (sugar) count is from self-testing. Use of this diagnostic device, coupled with blood pressure, if hypertensive, helps people know what is working for or against them with their daily behaviors, and helps set and measure progress on goals for improvement.