Business FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about our Program.

How do you get started with TrueLifeCare?

A good way to start is for TrueLifeCare to provide our no-cost, no-obligation opportunity analysis. This takes just a few days and will allow for an informed discussion regarding the opportunity for long-term sustainable savings. Actual implementation can be effective in about 30 days or a later date as the client directs. TrueLifeCare provides draft communication templates and other materials for launch and conducts outreach campaigns for program enrollment. Our Program is simple to launch as TrueLifeCare handles virtually all the effort surrounding implementation.

Is reporting provided?

Yes. Every six months we provide our clients with de-identified member progress reports. These are brief summaries prepared by our Coaches to describe a Member’s journey with diabetes and the TrueLifeCare program. There will be frustrations, challenges, goals and accomplishments covered in these real stories of life with diabetes.

Annually, TrueLifeCare will provide reporting on hospital events and medical claims for the plan population with diabetes. We want our clients to transparently see the results, trends and savings as the program matures.

How do current costs pay for TrueLifeCare?

TrueLifeCare is essentially paid for by a redirecting the current plan spending for the supplies to check blood sugar. We leverage direct buying power so the same money buys much more, providing a personalized service that truly helps people with diabetes.

Does TrueLifeCare invoice per employee?

No. We invoice only for participating active members and verify eligibility monthly. As we are paid only for active members, we are motivated to treat people well and provide worthwhile assistance. Otherwise, members would drop out, leaving nothing to invoice.

What makes TrueLifeCare so appealing that Members rate it with a +80 Net Promoter Score?

TrueLifeCare members tell us over and over how much they appreciate the savings and zero co-pay. Moreover, members love the friendship, encouragement, helpful information, and advice provided by their RN Health Coach. They appreciate the caring support and accountability to make sustainable lifestyle improvements.

We are proud to regularly hear comments such as, “I have learned so many things I didn’t know before,” “My doctor has reduced by blood sugar medicine by 75%,” “My A1c is down to 6.5!,” “I am proud to say both my blood sugar and my blood pressure are down.” Our members appreciate TLC because their Coach helps them and over time the member sees positive results.

How is TrueLifeCare different from other telehealth disease management programs?

  1. Our outcomes have been independently reviewed and certified by The Validation Institute.  No other program has proof of real savings.
  2. Our RNs are Certified as Evidence-Based Health Coaches by the National Society of Health Coaches of America. The skills they employ cover glucose (diabetes) management, and the related conditions impacted by diabetes:  hypertension, heart disease, weight management, exercise, smoking cessation, and stress management.  It is far more than only “diabetes.”
  3. TrueLifeCare is a proacdtive one-to-one human connection, supported but not replaced by reactive technology.  We utilize connected glucometers and blood pressure meters with secure, sharable apps, and make regular use of personalized human-generated texts.  We believe that is why we achieve persistent high rates of engagement that sometimes exceed 50%.