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Truckers Confront Risk Factors for Diabetes

About nine years ago, California-based longhaul truck driver Richard Hall was in for a big surprise when he got his first Department of Transportation medical exam.

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Truck Drivers’ Risk for Diabetes Far Greater than National Average

Health education specialist Kay Pfeiffer compares professional truck drivers who are not testing their blood sugar with "driving at night without headlights - and you're going to crash."...

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Diabetes Prevention – Maintenance Programs Specialize Their Services for Truckers

Kay Pfeiffer of TrueLifeCare conducted her first Mid-American Trucking Show seminar this year. She’s becoming a regular at high-profile trucking industry events, spreading the word about the growing problem diabetes poses to the trucking industry...

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How this Nashville Financial Exec Found Purpose in Fighting a Chronic Health Condition

After losing a friend at too young an age due to complications from diabetes, experienced financial and operations executive Tom Milam decided he had to do something to help fight the disease. At the time, Milam, who'd served primarily in financial roles, including as CFO at The Southwestern Company, knew very little about diabetes...

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Diabetes in Trucking: Three Things You Need to Know

Tom Milam, CEO of health care provider TrueLifeCare, will tell you that there are three things motor carriers and their drivers need to know about diabetes and how it impacts the trucking industry. There’s a 50% higher occurrence of diabetes in truck drivers than the national average. Drivers with diabetes can apply for a medical waiver with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...

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Opinion: Diabetes Manageable for Trucking

Our country’s transportation infrastructure delivers everything our economy needs to stay healthy, similar to the blood that runs through our veins to deliver oxygen and nutrients. But diabetes, a disease of the blood, is wreaking havoc on the professional drivers transporting goods to all corners of our country and threatening the transportation infrastructure on which we depend...

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