Our Program

With diabetes, a lifelong and progressive disease, an individual’s personal behavior choices…eating right, being physically active and monitoring blood glucose…can be more effective than today’s costly drugs to help avoid the many complications and expensive “health events” that develop over time.

Effective self-care and management is challenging, and it is rarely achieved and sustained when a person is left to do it on their own.

The TrueLifeCare program was developed to help people with diabetes confront and overcome the obstacles they encounter each day. TLC privately and individually supports each of our members to help them improve the quality of their life.


I’ve been a TrueLifeCare member since August 2015, and I began in the program with fasting glucose readings of 140 to 150.

My doctor wanted my readings under 140, and he put me on diabetes medication. I told my coach I wanted to lose about 30 pounds and get off the meds, and my coach helped me plan my eating choices. By my third quarter in TLC, I’d lost 22 pounds, and I intend to lose more. My fasting glucose is now 110. What a difference! Of course I’m happy with the result. My coach really supported me.