Diabetes management is our business, and the work TrueLifeCare has done to help people with diabetes has been published in numerous articles. We believe our work makes a difference in the lives of our members and those who are within their circle of life. We hope you find the following publications informative and helpful.

Opinion: Diabetes Manageable for Trucking

Our country’s transportation infrastructure delivers everything our economy needs to stay healthy, similar to the blood that runs through our veins to deliver oxygen and nutrients. But diabetes, a disease of the blood, is wreaking havoc on the professional drivers transporting goods to all corners of our country and threatening the transportation infrastructure on which we depend...

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How People With Diabetes Can Get the Most Out of A Doctor’s Visit

The diagnosis smacks you square across the face when you hear the doctor say, “You have diabetes.” As he starts detailing your course of treatment, the information can sometimes go in one ear and out the other. Your mind starts filling with questions to ask all while trying to make sense of the diagnosis. But all too often, a busy schedule forces your doctor to hurry off to see another patient...

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