The Impact of Diabetes

Diabetes is the number one condition in an employer’s health plan where health can be stabilized and improve. With time, this results in lower costs for both the employee and the employer.

Fact: Because of the stealthily progressive nature of diabetes, people with it account for a disproportionately large percentage of health plan spending. For example:

  • About 8 to 10%, and sometimes more, of employees and covered spouses have diabetes.
  • This 8% to 10% of the health plan members will account for about 25% or more of the plan’s claims costs.
  • Two-thirds of the annual costs for those with diabetes result from Emergency and Hospital utilization.
  • The majority of the hospital admissions are from an Emergency visit.
  • The American Diabetes Association states that people with diabetes will experience 3 additional days of absenteeism and have 12 days of lost productivity each year associated with their diabetes.
  • Diabetes is accelerating. Each year, over 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, and 80% are well below age 65

People with diabetes want to feel good and enjoy life. They are no different than anyone else, with jobs, children, spouses or significant others, finances, plus diabetes. Supporting their efforts is key:

  • Lecturing is counter productive
  • Self-managing diabetes alone is nearly impossible
  • Having a helpful partner and confidante is a big plus

Adopting and staying with a new personal behavior is challenging and tough for anyone. And it’s almost impossible to do alone. That’s why TLC creates a personal relationship with one of our professional Registered Nurse Coaches. Each Nurse Coach is trained and certified by the National Society of Health Coaches of America to genuinely understand, educate, and motivate, a key touchstone in our program.

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