How it Works

TrueLifeCare is the game changer created to help lower health costs for the employer and employee. TrueLifeCare is not another clinical provider. With diabetes, there is already too great a burden incurred from clinical costs.

FACT: The current diabetes report from the Health Care Cost Institute documents that per capita annual spend for people with diabetes in employer health plans is $16,021 (combined employer and employee). That is nearly four times the $4,396 per capita spend for the health plan members without diabetes.

It is recommended that people with diabetes see their physician more frequently and take more medications. This accounts for a few thousand dollars of the difference. However, most of the increased costs come from the complications that develop with diabetes…heart disease, hypertension, cellulitis, to name a few…that send 15% or more of these people to the Emergency Room and hospital each year. Only about 4% of health plan members without diabetes experience a hospital stay each year.

Some of these Emergency visits and hospital days for the diabetes population are now being avoided by employees and spouses participating in the TrueLifeCare program.

TrueLifeCare productively helps address the most significant gap in care for diabetes: Daily behavior and self-care choices of the individual with diabetes.

Peer-reviewed studies have proven there are 5 Essential Touchstones proven to help people successfully gain control of their diabetes and achieve a better state of health. These are the Touchstones incorporated in the TrueLifeCare program:

The TrueLifeCare Five Essential Touchstones

Incentives. A Reason to Start a Conversation.

Living a happy, healthier life is possible with successful control of diabetes. Controlling diabetes is a day-to-day perpetual challenge. TrueLifeCare provides incentives as one of the Five Essential Touchstones to assist members in gaining a handle on their individual diabetes wellness program. The personal relationship between a TrueLifeCare personal Nurse coach and each member provides the motivation and support to stay on track.

Qualified, Relevant and Personalized.

Diabetes is not the same from one person to the next, and the TrueLifeCare program reflects that understanding. Professionals trained with the skills needed to help our members implement our program are on hand for helpful one-to-one support. TrueLifeCare understands the impact of diabetes. We stay informed on recent trends in diabetes-related studies, ensuring the tools of our program are relevant for each member.

Persistent and Proactive.

Diabetes is both incurable and progressive, but it can be controlled by the person with diabetes. It has to be managed each day, one day at a time. The TrueLifeCare program helps each person achieve better health, improve productivity and reduce health care costs, which has a significant positive impact on individuals, their families and their companies.


Support the evidence-based principles for diabetes self-management. This is what the primary care provider desires. Educational tips, videos, meal plans, recipes, cookbooks and more help empower and sustain active learning for TrueLifeCare program members. A new day for health and wellness is here!

Numbers Tell The Story.

Obtain and use the key vital readings essential for the person with diabetes. The only way a person with diabetes can know their current glucose (sugar) count is from self-testing. Use of this diagnostic device, coupled with blood pressure, if hypertensive, helps people know what is working for or against them with their daily behaviors, and helps set and measure progress on goals for improvement.